perceptually-oriented software

I'm changing paces a bit right now. Simply put, I really want to work on/in "plain old" reality as much as possible without abandoning tech (as in all the stuff I've learned working on software, at least in an abstract sense). While this feels like a big about-face for me, it also seems a longer-term realization that simulations always lose their awe factor & sense of deception once acclimated to. Souring on the pure simulation approach took me a while but I don't feel bitter, rather enjoying some perspective on interplay between perception and environment.

So what changed? I got an HMD and mostly hate it (still hopeful but maybe for different rendering approaches). I haven't explored the medium as much as I had expected to, but I had an uncomfortable experience while driving after wearing the HMD for a short time. In this case, everything was fine until I put on a cap that fits much like the HMD and my eyes decided they should be seeing the world in the aspect ratio of the HMD render rather than actual real life. It passed soon enough but I was left with the sense that the approach was a bit backwards, at least in terms of being ideal for humans to experience directly.

Perceptual snafus aside, I also haven't really enjoyed the creative coding aspects of 3d as much as I do 2d. In particular, the Seirpinski grenade animation I built years ago in processing remains my favorite creation by far, in part because the layered opacity of the gasket nesting gave a 3d effect that was sort of shattered as the larger structures of the gasket exploded. My attempts at turning this into 3d lost all of the subtle depth, though the sense of movement in the branching process was pretty cool and perhaps deserves further exploration.

older viz stuff

Otherwise, I keep wanting to write about perceptual constraints, meditation, Meniere's and the like but everything feels like a false start, or rather I can't find any way to narrow the dimensionality of what to write about sufficiently to make things seem coherent. My best (only) attempt so far was as a talk ironically enough, that I rewrote the day before giving because of the aforementioned sense of dissatisfaction over how to convey the subtle details of experiential matters. I guess it still serves as crude sort of "me-lite" but I'm endlessly unhappy with it none the less.